The CertaBlue testing procedure is
remarkably easy..

Just add 0,1 – 9,0ml of product to the CertaBlue test vial and incubate as specified. Real-time monitoring is offered using the AutoScanner system. Test vials are ready to use, including growth media and sensor. The limit of detection is one organism and the tests can be used for retesting or confirmation.

CertaBlue offers a comprehensive package of microbiological rapid tests, professional coaching and know-how for the following market segments:

  • Dairy
  • Food & beverages
  • Beauty & personal care
  • Home care
  • Water
  • Feed & grain
  • And more..

What can CertaBlue offer you

Simplified test procedures:

  • Ready-to-use vials including media and CertaBlue sensor
  • Test procedure consists of just adding a sample to the vial

Rapid results:

  • Results in hours instead of days
  • Real-time detection and early warning of positive samples
  • Ensures a quick and safe product release
  • Better recovery of injured and / or damaged microorganisms

Intended Use

The CertaBlue Method is used to determine if microorganisms are present. The AutoScanner and CertaBlue vials provide both a microbial detection system and a culture medium with suitable nutritional, selective and environmental conditions for the rapid detection of microorganisms.

An inoculated vial is placed into the AutoScanner system, where it is incubated and continuously monitored for the qualitative and / or quantitative presence of microorganisms.

Principle of the Test

CertaBlue is based on rapid detection of several metabolic processes that take place within the growing organism.

The system can detect color changes through highly sensitive optical sensors. All vials are ready to use, prefilled with media and equipped with CertaBlue sensors. In most cases, the test vials can be inoculated with a non-diluted high volume sample.

The CertaBlue vials contain an optical sensor, which can detect carbon dioxide as the universal indicator for microbial growth. The sensor is placed in the bottom of the vial, where it directly detects carbon dioxide changes. CertaBlue sensors are only permeable for gases. Liquids, dyed / heavily colored products and other particles can’t falsify results.

What samples can I test?

Liquid or (semi-)solid samples in a quantity ranging from 0.1 – 9.0ml or 0.1 – 9.0gr can be added to the CertaBlue test vials. Contact your CertaBlue distributor for specific product testing protocols.

Incubation time

Highly contaminated samples rapidly detect bacteria (typically in 8-12 hours), yeast (16-24 hours) and mold (24-35 hours), providing timely warning of contamination.

Microbial limit procedure

CertaBlue uses the dilute-to-specification procedure, which requires diluting the sample to product release specifications or in-process action levels. If growth is detected, the sample fails; if there is no detection, the sample passes (i.e., the counts are below the specification limit).

Example microbial limit procedure

This protocol can be used for samples with an action level of not more than 10 cfu/g for yeast and molds, and not more than 100 cfu/g for total aerobic count.

If the system detects growth in a 1:10 sample dilution (1 ml of sample is added to the CertaBlue vial), then the counts are >10cfu/g; if there is no detection of growth, the sample had <10cfu/g.

Different dilutions can be used depending on the sample’s specification level (e.g., 0.1 mL is added to a vial when the spec is <100 cfu/g).

Quality Certificates

A certificate of conformance is available for each lot of CertaBlue vials. QC organisms can be used for quality control. Please contact your CertaBlue distributor for more information.